D J Paroma

W O R L D  O F  M U S I C

DJ PAROMA is a complete clubbing soul, a night life lover, a bling freak crazy from Mumbai, India. She started off her career as a cabin crew at a tender age of 18 for a very reputed airline. That’s when she flew international for a while and visited a lot of clubs around the world and came across so many different kinds of music.



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Music is a human expression in the medium of time using the structures of sounds or tones and silence. It is expressed in terms of pitch, rhythm, harmony, and timbre.

From modern-day pop to the ageless relaxation of classical music, music of many forms is enjoyed around the globe by millions of people on a daily basis.

With her infectious enthusiasm and a “bring it on attitude”, Dj Paroma is like a breath of fresh air behind the console. She has a penchant for trying out new things and stands out with her massive collection of mixes that push the energy levels of the crowd to new limits. Her effervescent smile radiates her joie de vivre…. I wish her great success in her career and I am condent that over the coming years, more and more crowds will grove, celebrate and go crazy to the epic tunes that she spins….
DJ Velario, Resident DJ of F BAR, Mumbai.
I have trained over 200 students, and only the outstanding performances stay etched in my memory. Paroma is the typical student who knew the least in the class when she joined, but because of humility, diligence and passion, she was far better than anyone in the class when she gave her nal exam. Paroma scored the highest so far and nobody has scored as much as Paroma in the history of the institute. There are a few students whose collection of music is enviable for a veteran like me, she is one of them. I don’t doubt her potential if she pursues DJing as a career and achieves great success in the same.
Bob Omulo, DJ Instructor and Hip Hop Artist.
An amazing Dj, performer, artist , mc, and fashion icon .. It’s amazing how she inspires other female DJs right from how to play to how to dress…yet down to earth, humble with the hunger and drive to keep on learning…
Eric Pillai (India's Biggest Mix Engineer and Music Producer)
Dj Paroma is the only female dj who understands the pulse of the audience and keeps them on their toes from start to the end!
Kiran Kamath (Mashup King of Bollywood/DJ/ Music Producer)
The only female Dj with a genuine fan following and great stage presence… Her performance is flawless and full of energy (Pritam Music Composer)
Pritam (Music Composer)
Her gigs are full of dhamaal… She knows how to keep the fans on the floor dancing till they drop
Sajid - Wajid (Music Composer)
Dj Paroma is one girl who is amazing on stage…
She is an electrifying performer and I remember watching her at a Sobo club and we had an awesome time watching her spin some sick beats.
I look forward to collaborating with her on some of my tracks soon.
Amaal Mallik (Music Composer)
She’s talented, she’s pretty and she kicks up quite a storm when she ‘spins’ her web.. Surely the most euphoric deejay in the subcontinent, she is always the first choice to rock any party.. The con’soul’ of any celebration.. Quite blessed to know her and follow her work, my admiration for her grows everyday.. The girl I know and the deejay the world knows, compliment each other and both are awesome.. Paroma- God bless you.. Rock it, girl!
Palash Sen, Euphoria (Singer, Songwriter, Actor)